The Best Juicy Steaks in the World to Try
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The Best Juicy Steaks in the World to Try

At least once in a lifetime, you must try the best juicy steaks in this world. Usually, this culinary is made from the only tastiest part of food. Besides that, they are also made by professional chefs to create an amazing taste.

You know that the best juicy steaks have various doneness levels. It can be the medium well, well done, and more. The most important thing is that the meat must be cut perfectly. It must be cooked well too so that the steak will still tender.

In this world, there are some steaks that are known as the most delicious one. They are made from the best parts of the cow. It is for sure that those parts have different tastes and characters. Here are the options for the most delicious ones.

The Best Juicy Steaks in the World to Try
The Best Juicy Steaks in the World to Try

Tenderloin Meat

The first best juicy steaks are those who are made from the tenderloin. This tenderloin is the inside area behind the cow’s body. Its position extends from the short loin area to the sirloin and top sirloin. That is why; it is so tender.

At the end of this tenderloin, there is a cut of the part called filet mignon. Filet mignon is often touted as the most tender and most expensive part of the beef because it is rare. Their buttery but the low-fat texture makes it is perfect for diet.

Tenderloin became the world champion as the most loved type of meal. It is the common one which is loved by most people in the world. This meat must be cooked perfectly to make it is tasty enough and not too dry.

The Best Juicy Steaks in the World to Try
The Best Juicy Steaks in the World to Try

Strip Steak

If you find the other best juicy steaks, this strip meat is the most recommended. There is a short loin where you can get a strip which is also known as Kansas City, New York Strip, Strip Loin, or Shell Steak. It has various different names.

The cut of beef from the short loin section can get with the bone which is often referred to as T-Bone or porterhouse food. Sometimes, it is also called boneless. The characteristic of this menu is its popularity for the amazing texture.

This kind of food can be grilled in various ingredients You can use some delicious sauces as well. Since it has a long shape, usually the beef will be sliced after it is cooked. It will make you are easier to eat this delicious dish.

Rib Eye Beef

This dish is so popular in several countries in the world. Many people say that the rib eye steak is the best cut of meat compared to the others. It is because of the characteristics of this food that feel rich and beefy.

The fat content in this tasty meal is also very much. That is why; it is often called the juiciest type of steak. However, you should be ready to chew more firmly because the texture is not as tender as tenderloin.

However, you don’t have to be worried because this steak is still tender enough to eat. It will be more delicious if this beef is cooked with the right ingredients and sauces. It can be one of the best juicy steaks in this world that you should eat.