Famous Noodle Culinary from All over the World
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Famous Noodle Culinary from All over the World

The noodle culinary menus in this world are really varied. It seems that each country has its own food made from this ingredient. Those foods may have the different look and also the different taste. It will be interesting to know those foods.

Some culinary made from noodles are mostly known as coming from Japan. Besides that country, Italy is also known for its pasta. You know that pasta such as spaghetti has the same appearance as the common food. Is that your favorite food?

It is reasonable since noodle is so delicious. It can be cooked in several ways to be made as a fried one or having the soup. However, it is better to know some noodle culinary menus from various places in this world. Here are some of those options.

Famous Noodle Culinary from All over the World
Famous Noodle Culinary from All over the World

Pho from Vietnam

Pho is a typical Vietnamese dish and its popularity has been heard overseas. The shape of this pho noodle is flat and a bit thin. The broth is clear and looks fresh. But even though the soup looks clear, this pho sauce is very rich in spices.

Those are like the ginger, fennel, coriander, fish sauce, and hoisin sauce. Then, those are complemented with basil, mint, leeks, chilies, bean sprouts, and lime juice. Besides that, Pho is also equipped with sliced beef and meatballs.

Those combinations are so delicious that makes you addicted to the fresh taste of this Pho. This noodle culinary from Vietnam is now serving in several restaurants all over the world. It means that you can taste it anytime.

Wonton Dish, Hong Kong

If you go to visit Hong Kong, the must-do activity tastes the Wonton dish. Basically, it is a typically processed noodle from Hong Kong. This dish is so delicious and different. The wonton meal consists of thin yellow noodles, boiled dumplings, vegetables, and pork/beef.

Especially for the Muslim people, you can choose a bowl of Wonton with beef filling. What makes this wonton dish special are its distinctive and generous dumplings. You can say that this noodle culinary is so nutritious and for sure really tasty.

In a bowl, you can get various different nutrients and also vitamins The examples are like carbohydrate from the flour, vegetables, beef, and many more again. This menu is suitable to eat at any time, especially when the weather is too cold.

Famous Noodle Culinary from All over the World
Famous Noodle Culinary from All over the World

Pad Thai, Thailand

The next dish is called pad Thai. This food is very similar to the fried rice noodles in Indonesia. This dish consists of a variety of ingredients such as beef, chives, bean sprouts, chilies, lime, chopped peanuts, coriander, pickled radish along with slices of tofu and eggs.

Some other seafood is also added such as crab, shrimp, or chicken meat. The Pad Thai noodle culinary flavor tends to be sour and sweet. Pad Thai itself is served warm and can be found from street vendors to five-star restaurants.

This menu is looked really appetizing with its bright yellow and red color. Nowadays, you can get and buy those menus easily in some restaurants. However, it is also a great idea to cook the noodle culinary menus above by searching for the recipes.